About Roni

I am the wife of 14 years to a wonderful husband and the mom to the two best daughters in the entire world. I worked as a web developer for a university for almost 16 years.  But after not loving what I was doing anymore and feeling like I was really needed at home more with my girls, we decided that I would become a stay at home mom. I’ve never been good at cooking or cleaning or anything domesticate. But slowly, I’m muddling my way through.

This blog is about my new journey in life as a stay at home mom. I’ve had a job since before I was sixteen. I’ve worked full time since I was nineteen. The last 16 years I’ve been a web developer. I worked with great people and my job was very flexible, but it was also stressful and I worked a lot of hours, including lots of late nights working from home after the kids went to bed. My husband and I finally decided it made more sense for our family for me to stay home and after a year of scrimping and saving my dream finally became a reality.

I’m pretty much known to my family and friends as not being a very good cook. I’ve never been great with keeping things clean or staying on top of laundry and all of that domesticated stuff. But I’m slowly teaching myself how to cook. I’m trying to find new and better ways to keep our house and family more organized. And I’m trying to find ways from home to help out financially.

My hope is as I’m learning on this new journey in my life, I might be able to help someone else learn something new along the way.